May 13, 2014: History and Science Presentations for the ARC 3.5-m Telescope; Sunspot Astronomy and Visitor Center

Presentations provided in .pdf, .ppt, and .html links where possible at bottom of page



Science Presentations



Conception (pdf, ppt), Design, and Construction (pdf only)
Bruce Margon, Ed Mannery (former Washington)
APO Lunar-laser Ranging Operations - pdf, ppt
Tom Murphy/UCSD
Brief History - pdf, ppt
Mike Evans/ARC
Princeton University - pdf, ppt
Michael Strauss
Commissioning (pdf only) and Initial Operations (pdf, ppt)
Ed Turner/PU, Bruce Gillespie/APO

University of Colorado - pdf, ppt
John Bally

Current (pdf, ppt) and Future Operations (pdf, ppt)
Mark Klaene/APO, Suzanne Hawley/Washington
New Mexico State University - pdf only
Candace Gray
University of Chicago History and Science - pdf, ppt
Don York
Johns Hopkins University - pdf, ppt
Tim Heckman
  Seattle University - pdf, ppt
Joanne Hughes Clark
  University of Oklahoma - pdf, ppt
John Wisniewski
  Georgia State University - m4v, keynote
Misty Bentz
  Adler Planetarium - pdf, ppt
Mark Hammergren
  University of Washington - pdf, ppt
Suzanne Hawley